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Stone Road White Ale by Bench Brewing Company

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Welcome to Beers and Such, the best craft beer review site that almost never reviews anything else despite the name of the site. The “and such” seems like a bit of a misguided attempt to seem like a well rounded person and not just a guy that likes to drink beer. Ah well.

Today’s brew is Stone Road White Ale by Bench Brewing Company in Beamsville, Ontario. The can describes this beer like this:


Citrus Notes


My guess is this is a wheat beer with some citrus flavoured hops. I’m no rock surgeon, but that’s what I’m putting my money on. At 4.2% it’s on the lighter side, but that’s nothing steady over consumption can’t fix. I can’t say the smell of this beer is a pleasant one, but I can say I’ve been mislead by my nose on many occasions, so I’m not going to make any grand assumptions just yet.

Let’s get to the point and have a drink.

See, my nose is a damned liar. This beer is really good. It’s a Hoegaarden-esque flavour, but without that film Hoegaarden has. It’s also not white despite the name, but I am willing to guess that white in this case is a flavour description. A nod to the beer this one is modelled on.

I could be way off on that, by the way. And that’s fine by me. If anyone out there knows better, I’m always up to learn something new.

Whatever the case may be, this is a good beer, especially for those of us that like Hoegaarden. A guy could easily put a few of these away and drastically improve his dance moves by a factor of 6.3. In my case, that would put my dance moves at a respectable 6.4.

My rating: 8.5. This beer is good and I can and do recommend it to anyone that likes beer.

My lovely wife is my second sipper and not a beer fanatic. She likes a Hoegaarden though…

My wife’s rating: 6.5. That might be the highest rating she’s ever given a beer on this blog before. I haven’t gone back to verify that, but I feel like it’s pretty accurate.

There you have it, friends. Stone Road White Ale by Bench Brewing Company in glorious Beamsville, Ontario is a really good wheat beer I highly recommend. Check out to see what else is happening up there in Beamsville.

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