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InnO'Slainte Irish Red Ale by Innocente Brewing Company

Welcome one and all to Beers and Such, the craft beer review website that does craft beer reviews with little to no expertise on the subject. To be clear, the little to no expertise is actually on purpose. Really, it is. I started this blog to explore craft beer from scratch, so to speak, and spread my findings to the world.

Today, the beer of choice is InnO'slainte Irish Red Ale by Innocente Brewing Company in Waterloo, Ontario. I really like the charcoal porter this brewery puts out, and I really like their can designs. I know the can designs have no affect on the beer, but I like what I like.

This beer is dark, and that makes me happy. I love dark beers. This one is 5.2% and smells like a porter; toasted malt and a hint of coffee. There is a slight scent of classic ale as well, so judging by the aroma of this beer, I'm expecting a light porter flavour with a lingering ale finish.

We shall see. I'm excited to see what's in store for me with this one.

Hmmm. It starts out like a really really light ale, but moves very quickly to the toasted malt flavours I was looking forward to. There's a really nice malt after taste that reminds me of a porter, as well. The whole thing is ALMOST a porter, but there's a...hollowness to it. If that makes sense.

It's both light and heavy, in that it's heavy for an ale, but light for a porter. All in all, I do like the flavour. It's a good beer, but there's something about it that throws me off. It's hard to put my finger on it, exactly. I guess that's the trick of it. It's not supposed to be a porter, but when it smells and mostly tastes like a porter, the other flavours sort of detract from the porter I want to be drinking.

I have to be fair and let the porter go. So long, my heavenly friend.

I like this Irish Red Ale as it is, and though the disappointment of a hollow porter is my own issue and not an issue with the beer itself, I am happy to endorse yet another Innocente Brewery brew. It has its own charm, and there's plenty of potential for over consumption for those that are inclined to that sort of thing.

So jump in, everyone. Enjoy.

My rating: 8/10. It's a nice, delicious beer.

My lovely wife is my trusty second sipper. She's not so enthused by craft beer reviews as I am, but she's a trooper and tries most of the beers I review.

My wife's rating: 5.5/10. That's a big number for her, so pat yourselves on the back, Innocente.

There you have it, friends. InnO'Slainte Irish Red Ale by Innocente Brewing Company in glorious (but confusing to drive in) Waterloo, Ontario is a porter-esque delight I am happy to recommend to you, my dear readers. Check out the other great things going on at Innocente at


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