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Orange Creamsic-Ale by Railway City Brewing Co

Hello and welcome to Beers and Such, the craft beer review site that promises to review other stuff and then doesn't. There's just so much beer out there to try and it's so much fun reviewing it for you guys that I just haven't done much else so far. I will, though...probably.

Today is the last installment in my mini series on Railway City Brewing Co here in glorious St Thomas, Ontario. This one is called Orange Creamsic-Ale, and as you might expect, it has a citrus (dare I say orange) aroma, and it's even more orange coloured than other beers I've tried in my journey.

At 4.8%, it's a decent inibriator which may be a word I just made up. If it is, you can use it. I have to say I'm a little excited about this one. I like creamsicles, and I like beer so how can this not be a good time?

Enough chit chat, let's drink this bad boy.

Well, isn't that something? I can taste not just an orange flavour, but the sicle is quite noticeable as well. How very odd. I mean, it's supposed to taste like that, I'm sure, or it would be poorly named, wouldn't it?

This beer is perfectly named, and it's a tasty treat for an old guy like me. It starts out lightly hopped with a distinct orange flavour, then the ice creamy flavour rolls in and makes itself at home before a clean and crisp ale flavour rounds out the whole thing.

I am amazed at the skill brewers have to not only capture the flavours, but to tie them together like this and not over power any elements in the process. Each flavour gets its moment, and they all work together really well. I have no idea how these things are done, but I'm so happy there are these creative minds out there putting stuff like this on the shelves.

Kudos, Railway City Brewing Co. Kudos to you.

My Rating: 8.5/10. It's good, it's light, and it's fun.

My wife is out of commission again tonight, so I am going to give you all my impression of her opinion of this beer. Ready?

Wife: MMMMM, I really like this beer and I'm so happy my very handsome husband is on the lookout for good beer and he brings them home and lets me try them. This is a good one, and he was right to buy more beer. Again."

And her rating would be: 116/10.

She really likes it!

There you have it, friends. Orange Creamsic-Ale brought to you by the creative geniuses at Railway City Brewing Co in my very own hometown of St Thomas, Ontario. This concludes my mini series on RWCBC, but you should swing by their website at for more of what these folks have to offer.


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