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Express India Session Ale by Railway City Brewing Co.

Welcome to Beers and Such, the craft beer review site run by a regular guy flailing about in the suds of the craft beer industry. If you're like me and you were wondering what all the fuss is about craft beer, well this is the place for you.

Today, I'm going to start a mini focus on Railway City Brewing Co right here in my hometown of St Thomas, Ontario. I have picked up a three of their brews and I'll dedicate the next three posts to this brewery.

I have in my greedy little hands something I'm unfamiliar with: Express India Session Lager. I don't know what that is, but I'm game, Railway City. I'll mention this beer won silver at the Canadian Brewing Awards in 2017, so it must be pretty good, right?

It's a light beer as far as alc/vol is concerned at 4.8%, but it's darker in colour that any lager I've tried thus far. It has a citrus hop smell, light carbonation, and it's making me thirsty.

Let's get to it.

Now just what the hell is that about? How strange. It starts off like a lager, moves nicely into an IPA middle stanza, then vanishes with almost no aftertaste at all. I've never had anything like this before.

It's really good for all its oddity. I like the easy drinkability of it, I like the way the IPA flavours are secondary, but very recognizable. I find some IPAs are pretty hard to imagine pouring more than one down your neck, but this is so much more lager than IPA, it could easily put a guy in lot of hilarious stories.

I like stories.

This beer fits in any situation, as far as I can tell. Not parent/teacher nights or church services, but almost anywhere else. Cold days, warm days, bbq-ing or ice fishing, Express fits the bill. I'm pleasantly surprised by this one, especially with my initial trepidation, and I might even consider one of these for parent/teacher night...

My rating: 8/10. This is a wild ride right off the bat, but it's a good wild.

By now, most of you know my wife is my second and not a fan of beer, especially IPAs. That won't be a problem tonight because she's gone to bed early and is not second sipping for me tonight.

I'll make up a rating though.

My wife's (not real) rating: 150/10. Wow, that 's generous!

There you have it, friends. Express India Session Lager by Railway City Brewing Co in St Thomas, Ontario is an easy drinking if mildly confusing beer that I recommend if you like beer. You can order Express and more at Stay tuned for the next two reviews of Railway City Brewing Co beers on this blog.


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