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Armed 'N Citra Dry Hopped Pale Ale by Rainhard Brewing Co.

Welcome to Beers and Such, a craft beer review site extremely dedicated to drinking beer and telling people all about it. "Extremely" might not be the best choice of words...moderately dedicated might be better. "Dedicated" is iffy, too, come to think of it. Anyway, welcome to the site, friend.

Today I'm going to be drinking Armed 'N Citra Dry Hopped Pale Ale by Rainhard Brewing Co in Toronto, Ontario, also known as the center of the universe. I tried another brew by Rainhard that was really really good, so I'm excited to give this one a try.

It smells like a tropical vacation, and it weighs in at a chippy 5.2%. It's unfiltered and the can looks like a call to arms by a revolutionary force looking to overthrow an unjust and corrupt government. At least that's what I get out of it.

Let's have a taste, shall we?

That is a completely unexpected taste based on the aroma! I was expecting a really strong citrus flavour, but it's not a really strong flavour at all. It's really clean to start, there's a little blast of hops on the middle stanza, then it hints at bitter before clearing out and leaving you wondering if you had a drink at all. It's very clean, very crisp, and even refreshing.

It's very easy to drink, and very light tasting. I really like this one, but I should mention that this kind of easy drinkability can easily lead to telling people exactly what you think of their spouses and not remembering what you said the next day. To add to the danger of that kind of accidental honesty, any setting where over consumption is accepted and encouraged can lead to that kind of night. Watch yourselves out there.

I want to reiterate that I really like this beer. It's really good. I would even recommend this beer to people that don't like craft beer and feel completely confident they would like it. Or not. It's really dependent on each person, isn't it?

My rating: 10/10. Really. It's good, it's light, and I can see myself drinking it in any situation.

My lovely wife is my second sipper and not a fan of beer at the best of times. However, she liked this one.

My wife's rating: 5/10. That's a high rating for her, so don't be fooled by what looks like a low-ish number to the untrained eye.

There you have it, friends. Armed 'N Citra Dry Hopped Pale Ale by Rainhard Brewing Co in Toronto, Ontario is a really good, easy drinking, beer that I gladly recommend to anyone. Check out to see what else has been going on in the Toronto stockyards.


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